Philips has introduced its wireless subwoofer Philips Audio TAB8967 780W Dolby Atmos soundbar in India

Philips TAB8967 780W Soundbar

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Philips, the renowned electronics brand, has recently unveiled its latest offering in the Indian market – the wireless subwoofer Dolby Atmos soundbar. With this launch, Philips aims to elevate the audio experience of its consumers to the next level by providing an immersive sound quality. The soundbar is equipped with advanced features that are designed to deliver a powerful and clear audio output. The Dolby Atmos technology, in particular, creates a three-dimensional sound experience that makes it seem like the sound is coming from all around the room. This is achieved through a combination of upward-firing speakers and precise audio positioning. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the features of Philips’ new wireless subwoofer Dolby Atmos soundbar and analyze its potential impact on the Indian market.

Philips Audio TAB8967 780W Soundbar Specification

BrandPhilips Audio
Model NameTAB
Model Number‎TAB8967/94
Speaker TypeSoundbar
Connector TypeBluetooth
Speaker connectivityWireless
Special FeatureSubwoofer, Remote Control, Radio
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Controller TypeRemote Control
Weight14 kg 100 g
Dimension118 x 56 x 28 Centimeters

Philips Audio has recently launched its newest soundbar, the TAB8967, in India. This soundbar boasts a sleek design and impressive features that are sure to enhance any home entertainment setup.


Philips Audio is a leading brand when it comes to manufacturing high-quality audio devices, and the TAB8967 780W Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer is no exception. With up-firing speakers and 5.1.2 channels, this soundbar is designed to deliver a truly immersive audio experience.


The first thing that stands out about the Philips Audio TAB8967 is its power. With a total power output of 780W, this soundbar is capable of producing rich, deep bass and crisp, clear treble. The wireless subwoofer ensures that the bass is not only powerful but also well-defined, giving you a cinematic experience that is hard to beat.


One of the standout features of the Philips Audio TAB8967 is its Dolby Atmos technology. This technology creates a 3D soundscape that surrounds you, making you feel like you are in the middle of the action. The up-firing speakers work in tandem with the Dolby Atmos technology to create a truly immersive audio experience. The soundbar also supports DTS:X, which is another immersive audio technology that delivers high-quality sound.

Device Control

The soundbar also comes with built-in Chromecast, which is perfect for streaming music and videos from your smartphone or tablet. You can also use the built-in voice assistant to control the soundbar with your voice. This feature is particularly useful for those who want to control the soundbar without having to use the remote control.


In terms of connectivity, the Philips Audio TAB8967 supports Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. This means that you can connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to the soundbar without having to use cables. The soundbar also comes with a remote control, which is easy to use and allows you to adjust the volume, change the sound mode, and control other features.


The TAB8967 is also easy to mount on the wall. The soundbar comes with all the necessary mounting hardware, and the process is straightforward and easy to follow. The soundbar is also relatively lightweight, weighing in at 14 kg 100, which makes it easy to handle and mount.

Dimension & Color

In terms of design, the Philips Audio TAB8967 is sleek and modern. The black color gives it a sophisticated look, and the dimensions of 118 x 56 x 28 centimeters mean that it will fit comfortably under most TVs.

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the Philips Audio TAB8967 780W Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a powerful and immersive audio experience. With its Dolby Atmos technology, wireless rear speakers, and built-in Chromecast and voice assistant, this soundbar is a great investment for any home theater enthusiast. Its sleek design and easy wall-mounting also make it a perfect addition to any home entertainment setup.

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